About Treezee

Treezee is an online store for everything in the Cannabis Industry!

     Treezee is the first & only marketplace for Delta (THC), CBD, & Smoke Shop products, offering fast, reliable shipping straight to your door! All products on treezee.com have been tested and certified. We ship you your order fast, so you never have to spend time or energy shopping for these products in person, convenient shopping at your fingertips.

     Treezee allows for quick, easy shopping of the widest variety of Delta (THC), CBD, & Smoke Shop products in the world. Rest assured: All CBD & Delta products on Treezee will have certifications (COAs) and are tested & safe. 

      We are also adding in Mushroom & Kratom products to Treezee to expand our wide variety of products, with tobacco & nicotine products coming soon. 

Preparing for the Near Future...

     Our CBD products do not have any "high" effect, while our Delta-8 and Delta-9 products do have that effect just like cannabis does. If a product has a CBD and Delta mix, the products will give off a "mellow high" effect. As cannabis is becoming legalized across the country, Treezee plans to be the first company that will allow customers to buy cannabis online and get it shipped right to them... fast. Treezee is already preparing for the day when cannabis becomes federally legalized. When marijuana can be shipped, Treezee will be ready to provide you with THC flower, pre-rolls, edibles, tinctures (oils), vapes, dabs, and much more... shipped straight to your door. Striving to become Amazon for the entire cannabis industry.