Replacement & Cancelation Policy

Replacement Policy & Cancelation Policy

Replacement requests will be submitted to Treezee’s administrator for review. The administrator will either accept or decline the replacement request. In order for a replacement to be valid, the product’s must be unused, and the product must be defective (evidently not as described, the wrong order arrived, broken, or inaccurate etc).

Treezee has the right to reject any replacement request for any reason. Replacements only, no refunds, returns, or cancelations. You may not request a replacement for a product you did not order. Provide Treezee with as much information as possible and picture evidence is mandatory. The seller must send the replacement to you within 14 days of the replacement request getting approved. If they do not, Treezee will reach out to you about a refund. 

Complaints with respect to the delivered products will only be handled if communicated to the business or Treezee within 21 days of the product(s) being shipped, and with a detailed description of the nature and extent of the concerning defect. After this period has expired, the delivered products are deemed to have been found satisfactory and the delivery has been accepted by the buyer. Questions should be sent to [email protected]. If your product does not arrive within 21 days, fill out the replacement request form and note that your product is still missing while providing the tracking information. If you did not receive tracking information, please note that.

Treezee and the seller will not be responsible in the event that the defect to a product has been fully or partially caused by any incorrect, improper, careless, or incompetent use by the consumer themself and/or if you have made any modifications to the products. Even if the defect is suspected to be caused by the consumer, a replacement request will not be accepted. 

A consumer can request a replacement by clicking the Replacement Request link in the email you received when the product was shipped.

No cancellations, once the consumer places the order, all sales are final and non-disputable. If you try to report fraud for an order you placed, you will not be successful, so please save us the hassle and don’t report fraud for any order you placed. Fraud matters need to be taken very seriously and treated with respect and integrity.

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