What Is CBD And Why You Should Shop For CBD On Treezee


       CBD is a chemical component found in the cannabis plants that has long been used as a medical, therapeutic extract, but since 2018, when CBD was federally legalized, it is now being used recreationally for its numerous benefits. Read this quick article to learn more about how CBD feels when you use it, the different forms of CBD you can use, and the numerous benefits of CBD.

       Although CBD comes from the cannabis plants, CBD contains minuscule to no THC, meaning that the substance is not intoxicating and does not give the classic marijuana type of high sensation. Over the last 5 years, research into CBD's beneficial effects continues to show promising results in reducing inflammation, reducing pain, reducing anxiety and stress, and helping consumers relax when trying to fall asleep. The number of American CBD users continues to grow as awareness around CBD & its benefits increases. CBD is can be ingested, applied topically, or smoked.

Common Types of CBD:

1. Ingestible CBD (Shop Here on Treezee)

* Comes in the form of edibles, oil, capsules, & even drinks. 

* Ingestible CBD reduces stress & anxiety, inflammation & pain throughout the body, & gives off a soothing sensation while relaxing your body and mind.

* Here are a couple of Treezee's top CBD products that we recommend: Treezee's top-selling CBD Edibles, Treezee's top-selling CBD Oil, Treezee's top-selling CBD Capsules, & Treezee's top-selling CBD Gummies for Sleep

* Common reasons for using ingestible CBD include relaxing during a stressful time, winding down after a workout or long day, preparing to relax before entering into a stressful situation, and relaxing to get tired for bed. 


2. Topical CBD (Shop Here on Treezee)

* Comes in the form of cream, salve, roll-on stick, & massage oil. 

* Topical CBD reduces inflammation & pain at the location it is applied to, and can help reduce anxiety and tension throughout the body as well. One thing to note is if a CBD topical contains menthol it will have more of a cold, numbing feeling, but this does not mean CBD products without menthol don't work as well. 

* Here are a couple of our best topical CBD products: Treezee's best-selling Dr. Recommended CBD Cream, Treezee's top CBD Salve with menthol, Treezee's best-selling CBD Salve without menthol, and Treezee's best-selling CBD Massage Oil

* Common reasons for using topical CBD include trying to heal an inflammatory, persistent type of ache or pain, trying to reduce pain for an injury before a sporting event, or muscle and joint recovery after a workout or stressful day. 


3. CBD for Pets (Shop Here on Treezee)

* Comes in the form of treats & oils. 

* CBD for Pets is known to help pets reduce anxiety, remain calm, and help with sleep at night. 

* Here are a couple of our top-selling CBD for Pets products: Treezee's top-selling CBD Pet Treats and Treezee's top-selling CBD Dog Oil.

* Common reasons for giving your pets CBD might oftentimes include winding them down before a car ride or a public walk, relaxing them before a big family gathering at your house, or relaxing them before bed so they can sleep easier & faster.


4. Smokable CBD (Shop Here on Treezee)

* Comes in the form of flower, pre-rolls, & cartridges for a vape. 

* Smokable CBD can help reduce anxiety & stress by creating a calming sensation, oftentimes euphoric. 

* This is a great product that we sell that produces a euphoric, calming sensation when smoked. Treezee's top CBD Flower. If you want a smokeable product that will give a cannabis type of high sensation check out Treezee's Delta Flower selection

* Common reasons for using smokable CBD include a familiar, fun way to relax, wind down, have a fun time with friends, or get tired for bed. 


       ALL TREEZEE CBD products have been tested & certified by a professional, verified CBD product certification company. All products on Treezee contain under the legal limit of THC (under 0.3% THC content), can be shipped right to you in the mail legally, and work to the highest of quality delivering great results. 


Products that have Delta mixed with CBD

       It is important to note that if a CBD product is mixed with Delta (Delta 8 or Delta 9 most commonly), the product will give you a "high" effect. There are gummies that we sell that have this combination and will give you a calming & a high sensation such as these Treezee's top CBD & Delta Mixed Gummies. With that being said, if a CBD product does not have any "Delta" in the product's name, you can trust that it won't get you high. 


       Thanks for reading to learn more about CBD and make sure to check out the widest variety of certified CBD products anywhere in the world at treezee.com/cbd