What is Delta THC, How Does Delta 8 Feel?

What is Delta THC, How Does Delta 8 Feel?

       Delta THC is derived from the cannabis plant just like CBD, however, CBD and Delta THC feel nothing alike when you take them. Delta THC (can be Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10, HHC, THC-A, etc) has the same psychoactive effect as cannabis. To make Treezee’s Delta THC products federally legal > the amount of THC has been lowered to be under the legal limit of 0.3%, and the Delta 8 or Delta 9 content has been raised to the point where the “high” or intoxication effect on the consumer is the same exact feeling they would experience if they were to take a cannabis product. Now that you understand Treezee’s Delta 8 products have the same feeling or impact as a cannabis product you can get at a dispensary > Let’s look into 3 reasons why you should buy Delta THC from Treezee

  1. Convenience > Just like why people turn to Amazon, you don’t have to take time out of your day to travel to the dispensary. You can go to Treezee.com and spend 2 minutes buying a product and it will ship directly to your doorstep. 
  2. Tax-Free! Cannabis at a dispensary has an additional 20% Federal Cannabis Tax. Yes… 20%... Treezee does not have this tax, so you can save 20% by shopping on Treezee. 
  3. Cheaper prices for the same quality products. Treezee’s best-selling Delta THC Pre Roll on Treezee is $8 while dispensary Pre Rolls range from $10-$20. Treezee’s Best Selling Delta THC Edibles are $20 for a 10 count, while at a dispensary those prices can be anywhere from $30-$70 BEFORE the 20% tax. 

All Treezee Products Have COAs

       Rest assured, all Treezee products are 100% safe for consumption, the same as any product you would get from a dispensary. We prove this to our consumers by making sure every product on Treezee has a valid 3rd-party lab certification, also known as a COA. These certifications prove to you the level of THC, Delta 9, Delta 8, Delta 10, & CBD that is in the product. A COA also proves that there are no toxins, aluminum, or chemicals in the product. A COA is proof that the product has what it says it has in it, and it proves the product is safe to consume or smoke. All COAs can be found on Treezee’s product pages: there will either be a link in the description of the product or there will be screenshots of the COA as an image for the product. Most online stores do not have available COAs for their products, forcing customers to question whether or not to buy the product. There will not be a CBD or Delta product on Treezee without a valid COA, making Treezee one of the safest places to buy CBD and Delta THC in the world. 

CBD vs Delta THC And How They Make You Feel

       CBD has a calming, relaxing feeling, and you will not have an intoxicated feeling. Whereas Delta THC has a psychoactive, high feeling. If there is CBD and Delta THC in a product, then the product will have a more relaxing psychoactive high feeling. This is great for people who tend to get too anxious with regular cannabis products. 

Types of Delta THC

       There are numerous types of Delta THC. They all have a similar “high” effect. Starting with Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10, & Delta 12. There are also some high-potency types of Delta THC that are a little stronger such as HHC, THC-A, & Delta 0. Treezee also sells products that are a mix between CBD & Delta THC, this results in the “high” effect being more mellow than a traditional high, perfect for people who tend to get paranoid from being high from typical cannabis products.

Different Forms of Delta THC 

      Delta THC comes in many different forms. You can smoke it, it comes in flower and pre-rolls, & we also sell glassware that you can smoke it out of. It comes in the form of consumables like tincture oils, gummies, cookies, pills, and other edibles. It also comes in the form of cream & topicals that can be rubbed onto your body for more of a soothing effect (this type of use won’t get you very high at all but will have a soothing effect on your body that will help with aches, pains, and inflammation). Check out the links below to some of our Delta THC products.


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