Buyer Faqs

● What is your return policy?

○ Returns requests may be made within 30 days of delivery, and are submitted to Treezee for review. Products must be in original packaging. If a return is approved, sellers are responsible to provide a replacement. Find more information in our Return Policy on

● Do you ship internationally?

○ No shipping is provided internationally

● What are your shipping options?

○ Shipping options are provided by sellers, and they may offer free shipping or charge for shipping

● How long until I get my delivery?

○ Shipping options are contingent on the seller and therefore vary in length and cost.

● Can I change or cancel my order?

○ No, once you submit your order, all orders are final and cancelation is not allowed. 

● How can I track my order?

○ Upon ordering, an email will be sent to your inbox confirming your order. When your order is fulfilled by the seller, another email will be sent including the tracking information.

● Are my payment details/data secure?

○ Yes, all payment details are encrypted using our private payment processor. Decryption keys are stored on separate machines. Treezee is secured by our private web hoster who keeps all information entered into private and safe. 

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