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Company: Lucent Botanicals

You want to recover from an injury, or help your body get rid of toxins, so you can get back to tackling that big hike or just feeling better in your body. These mints help activate your body’s natural anti-inflammatory powers as an alternative to daily medication or products from big pharmaceutical companies.

Lucent’s unique blend of CBD, terpenes and natural herbs is non-psychoactive and specifically targeted to activate your body’s natural abilities to relieve inflammation.

All Lucent mints are carefully formulated at our in-house manufacturing facility to ensure quality. Our Cannabidiol Isolate is derived from industrial hemp grown in Colorado and is 99.5+% pure. Certified third-party laboratories test every batch to ensure that it is free from pesticides and heavy metals, and that the potency is accurate and consistent.

This product contains no THC.

Potency Report and Cannabinoid Content


Refresh Your Day with Treezee's CBD Mints

When you need a quick and convenient way to experience the potential benefits of CBD, Treezee's CBD mints are your perfect choice. These minty treats, each containing 10mg of high-quality CBD, provide a precise and hassle-free method to add CBD to your daily regimen.

Unlock the Power of CBD Mints

Treezee's CBD mints are more than just a delightful treat; they are a practical solution to incorporate CBD into your life. With 10mg of CBD in each mint, you can enjoy the potential health benefits of CBD with ease. Whether you're at work, on the go, or just looking for a pleasant way to add CBD to your day, these mints are a fantastic option.

The Convenience of 10mg CBD Pills

For those who prefer a more traditional approach, Treezee's 10mg CBD pill offer a controlled and reliable method to consume CBD. These body mint pills provide accurate and consistent dosing, ensuring you can seamlessly add CBD to your daily wellness routine.

Why Choose Treezee's CBD Mints and 10mg CBD Pills?

Top-Quality Ingredients: At Treezee, quality is a priority. Our CBD mints and pills are crafted with the finest CBD to ensure your well-being.


Whether you choose CBD mints or 10mg CBD pills, you're opting for an easy and efficient way to enjoy CBD.

Delightful Flavor

Our minty CBD mints provide an enjoyable taste while potentially benefiting your health.

Precise Dosage

The 10mg CBD pills offer accurate control over your CBD consumption, allowing you to maintain a balanced wellness routine.

Elevate Your Day with Treezee

At Treezee, we're dedicated to helping you lead a balanced and well-rounded life. Our cbd mints 10mg and 10mg CBD pills are created to support your quest for wellness and a healthier you.

Company: Lucent Botanicals
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