30 count-Hyborean Soft Gels with added amplifiers

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Company: Hyborean Planet Inc

Hyborean Soft Gels solve common consumer complaints of bad taste of the powders.  Our soft gels are as strong as the extract shots with added amplifiers for fast absorption, fast acting, prolonged effect.
1) Just 4 soft gels have the potency of an extract shot but is more cost effective and there is no bitter taste.
2) Each soft gel is approximately 3-4 times more powerful than a Kratom Capsule and so consumers don’t have to swallow 10-12 capsules at one time.
3) It provides a cleaner more potent and better tasting option than the Kratom powder 
We blend 4 Key Ingredients in each Soft Gel
  • 20mg Concentrated Mitragynine -  The active alkaloid in Kratom
  • Turmeric/Curcumin 40mg - Improves circulation, enhances mood and works synergistically with Piperine (gives HyKratom its bright orange color)
  • Piperine -1.8mg - Improves Nutrient Absorption 
  • MCT Oil - This is the suspension of the other ingredients and staggers the release of the Mitragynine so that it is longer lasting and again better absorbed 

Company: Hyborean Planet Inc
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