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Company: Grassroots Harvest

Experience the Ultimate with Treezee's Liquid Kratom Extract and Shots

Looking for the best liquid kratom products? Treezee is your answer. Our premium liquid kratom extract and shots, each containing 500mg of kratom extract, offer an exceptional experience that sets us apart.

Treezee's Liquid Kratom Extract: Unleashing Nature's Best

Liquid Kratom Extract

Treezee's liquid kratom extract is a cut above the rest. With our unique process, we extract the purest essence, ensuring you get the best liquid kratom.

500mg Kratom Extract

Each drop of Treezee's liquid kratom extract packs a powerful 500mg of kratom goodness. Elevate your experience with a product that's optimized for potency.

Why Treezee's Liquid Kratom Shots Are Unbeatable

Liquid Kratom Shot

Treezee's liquid kratom shots are designed for convenience. Whether you're at home or on the go, savor the benefits of the best liquid kratom.

Best Liquid Kratom

At Treezee, quality is our hallmark. Our commitment to delivering the best liquid kratom is unwavering, making us the top choice for kratom enthusiasts.

Treezee - Your Gateway to Kratom Excellence

Elevate your kratom journey with Treezee's liquid kratom extract and shots. We optimize nature's gifts to offer you a unique experience that's second to none. Discover the true essence of the best liquid kratom. Order Treezee's liquid kratom products today.


King K Silver liquid kratom shots are the next big thing in the kratom extract scene. With two strengths available, this is the less potent version of King K liquid kratom shots. These shots are made with kratom extract, which means these products are highly potent- way more potent than raw kratom powder. 

Enhanced with Black Pepper Extract to increase potency & longevity of effects. When compared to competitors, King K's taste is preferred almost every time, thanks to a blend of tropical natural flavors inside.

This is a good starting place for those familiar with kratom, but new to kratom extract products. Always start slow & work up from there to desired effects.

Recommended serving- 1 capful.

King K Gold- 300mg Mit content

King K Silver Lab Report / COA

Company: Grassroots Harvest
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